Pierre Cardin, the internationally renowned brand named after its founder Monsieur Pierre Cardin, with its roots in Paris has under its fashion umbrella an extensive range of complementary products from leather goods to shoes, apparel to perfume.

The name of Pierre Cardin is widely recognized in more than 145 countries with about 800 licensees worldwide.

The inspiration for the concept of Pierre Cardin's leather goods and accessories for the gentleman and lady is derived from innovation with a timeless classic touch and an entrepreneurial spirit with an elegant feel.

Each piece of leather goods is designed to be fashionable, practical and durable to suit the sophisticated high-powered professional individual. The merchandise is imbued with a high perceived value with the use of top quality leather and reliable craftsmanship. Yet each piece is reasonably priced without compromise on the fine image the brand exudes.

Its elegantly classic appeal endures the passing of time and compliments the proud owner at all occasions.

Pierre Cardin – Classic innovation, timeless appeal